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Actually to concede a point to the other side here, I think you should be able to poke fun at Islam and draw a picture of fucking Muhammad without getting killed for it. But also there shouldn't be a public outcry from liberals when it happens either.

Free speech is free speech.

But again, we likely don't have the problem of Islamic extremist violence being so prevalent if we don't fuck over their countries for multiple generations.

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why are we still


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Yesterday's Q&A 'session' was the taint on everything that happened in previous 2 hours.

If earlier session was any indication that people were there for Nolan, the Q&A confirmed it.

The event was about film, not Nolan's filmography.

After answering 3 questions from twitter, audiences were asked for their questions. And this opened the floodgates of cringe.

First there was a guy who had shot a documentary about Taj Mahal in IMAX (but didn't finish it :roll: (IDK his name, don't blame me. I'm an IT drone, not some art student)).

Then there was another guy who proudly said he was a magician and asked about CGI and practical effects.

Third, I forgot who it was or what he asked (DoctorRadiohead, remind me), and you'll know why.

Then the mike found itself in hand of a 'massive' Nolan fanboy who spent almost 4 minutes talking about 1. his Batline (WiFi I guess) 2. His views about Bruce Wayne and Batman 3. His academic journey before asking about Bruce vs Batman person. :evil: MOTHER!FUCKER! You don't have to ask that to Nolan, HE HAS FUCKING SPOKEN ABOUT IT ALREADY YOU MASSIVE DOUCHE.

But it wasn't over yet. Sensing danger in continuing any further, one last question was given to a girl who had fucking run all the way to the stage (RED ALERT) who then spoke about how she had come all the way from Bangalore and her friend (or brother I guess. Fuck me I was cringing so hard I was looking at my shoes instead) had written a book about Nolan and if he didn't take it, it will make her cry! Fucking fuck! I avoid Bollywood movies at all cost but I couldn't escape it's bullshit. Fuuuuuck! Have some self respect and professionalism.

That was the last straw on Nolan's back and he almost ran away to avoid further hysteria.

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Oh man, I was afraid that there was going to be cringe at these things. That sounds really uncomfortable to go through.

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Yeah the antics were straight out of bollywood film :sick:

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Nomis wrote:
April 10th, 2018, 12:28 pm
what the shit: ... sequences/ First Man and Wonder Woman 2 excluded, which use actual IMAX (15/70mm), the rest is just bullshit
Hmmm... I like the effect of expanding the image but this is just ridiculous. IMAX is not just 1.90:1 sequences. Plus, it's hilarious how they're promoting IW as this big achievement - filmed completely with "IMAX Cameras" when it's just the modified Alexa 65.

it's not even 1.9 it's 1.4something but the vast majority of imax theaters can't project it cause they use a 16x9 2k projector (including my full sized actual imax theater) and i don't even know that the imax alexas can shoot it

it's a bad time but at least no one is happy about it

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Well, that's the case with movies shot on actual IMAX film. But nowadays, they shoot with the Alexa then either frame for 1.90:1 for some sequences or just open matte the whole movie (BR2049).

So what's the difference between a movie shot on the IMAX version of the Alexa 65 and shooting flat with any other camera (Alexa, Red, 35mm film cameras)?

I recognize that IMAX cannot open "real" 1.43:1 screens everywhere like they do with their 1.90:1 screens, but it just doesn't feel right.

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