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The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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Has this been posted before?

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I am the captain and owner of Castor, one of the navy ships used in the movie Dunkirk.

The art departement gave me this replica boat and david, used in the movie, as a Thank you gift after filming.
Pretty cool thing, but nowadays it is taking too much deck space to be honest.

It is big too, 3m high, 5m long.

You can see the thing in the movie when the torpedo hits, among other shots. I sailed around with it for three months during filming. Haha

Maybe someone here is interested.
PM me if interested.
I can't seem to post picture on this forum easily.... Dont understand html.

Thinking a fan would appreciate this set piece more than some restaurant owner for decorating his business garden....

I also got some rows of them cutout soldier they used on the beach, etc.
Used, obviously, which makes them even cooler.


Mario, Rotterdam, NL

Captain owner MLV Castor

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