Captain Marvel (2019)

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you're pretty on the money cil

a lot of it feels like a phase 1 movie and not in a good way


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Cilogy wrote:
March 11th, 2019, 2:28 pm
Watching this soon.

But in the meantime, I would like to frame pages 42 - 49 of this thread and sell printed copies of it back to all of you at a ridiculous markup.
Thanks for that, those pages were entertaining. Can someone post something controversial? We need a rematch for this argument.

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Decided to skip this and go straight to End Game. Don’t have two hours to waste these days.

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I'll see this on blu-ray. I figure my introduction to Carol in Endgame is going to be just fine and will work on it's own. I guess there won't be any supporting characters from her solo film, because I did not follow Black Panthers supporting characters in IW lol

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Honestly I wouldn't blame ya'll.

I mainly saw this film in preparation for Endgame, but honestly I don't see what it added to the story other than Cap Marvel's origin story.

The only "important" things I can think of are:
- the origin of the tesseract (but it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things)
- how Fury lost his eye, but even then you don't see how Fury becomes the cynical badass we see in Ultron/Winter Soldier; his character doesn't really develop here
- what Marvel's powers are (but we'll see them in Endgame anyway)

so IDK what this film accomplished exactly

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Vader182 wrote:
March 14th, 2019, 10:45 pm
dolby's quality is second only to 70mm imax so mind your tongue

Actually IMAX's 12 channel system for IMAX with Laser > all ;)

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Cilogy wrote:
March 16th, 2019, 2:38 am
Captain Marvel

This was some fun, but man, I just did not engage with the character until like the third act.

A big part of this film is Carol figuring who the fuck she is, and it just seems like she just ... doesn't care? Like, typically the audience is supposed to be alongside the character in the discovery of that information, but you don't really get the time to meditate on that. The film doesn't seem to take a breather until the Skrull stuff, which was honestly far more touching than Carol's background. Ben Mendolsohn was a highlight.

Otherwise the film fails to have any distinctive style in the pantheon of Marvel flicks. It's jarring especially because we've seen improvements in unique styles in the last few years (Panther, GOTG2, Ragnarok). It's just standard CGI effects and the usual "pause here for laughter" dialogue.

This isn't something I wanna watch again.

Tribute to Stan Lee was very sweet.
Yeah I couldnt get behind Captain Marvel because of how Larson was acting like nothing mattered for the whole film

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Saw this yesterday.
Serviceable. That's it.

And I was bothered by how meta the movie got at times. When Jude Law's character told Carol 'humour is a distraction', it felt like a jibe towards people criticizing Marvel's untimely bathos.

I wasn't feeling Carol's struggle of finding out her past at all. Maybe should've gotten different Brie to play this glowing superhero. :think: :think: :think:
BTW, those hexagonal portals, if that technology has been around for at least 20 Earth years, why is it not prevalent everywhere in universe? We've only seen those in GOTG2 and Captain Marvel so far. Those were not in Thor movies or Infinity War. Or Why would Loki need to open a portal above New York when there's a perfectly usable one available already above C-53? Am I missing something here?

Edit: added not before prevalent.
If Carol went missing in 1989 and came back to Earth in 1995 without her memories, why does Come As You Are plays in her meeting with Supreme Intelligence? Nevermind was released in 1992.
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Oh man I really didn't want to watch this because I didn't care, then I thought why not watch it before Endgame? It ties in... right? But now I read your reviews and I really, really don't care for this movie anymore :D But I've got my tickets, so... I guess I'll have to see for myself.

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Very solid second weekend hold. Already at 760M after 10 days. Seems like it's heading for somewhere between 1 and 1.1 billion.£

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