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Films I've watched over the holidays.

The Sisters Brothers
Director : Jacques Audiard
Year : 2018

I was slightly apprehensive about Audiard's The Sisters Brothers largely because this was his first step in working with an American production and I'm a big fan of the guys work.Should I have have been slightly concerned ? no.
The Sister Brothers is one of the more refreshing westerns I've seen in recent times and ,particularly, one with a beautifully executed subtle ending that will stay with me for sometime.

The Old Man & the Gun
Director : David Lowery
Year : 2018

A charming lighthearted heist film with Robert Redford,the leading man ,as Forest Tucker a "gentleman" career criminal who,along with his trusted wise headed group of heist experts such as Danny Glover and Tom Waits, goes on a set course to charm his way in extracting as much money as possible from various small town/city banks.

Though the thought that was running through my head for the majority of this film was *Think my parents would enjoy this* and they probably would because Old.

Director : Don Coscarelli
Year : 1979

I've been meaning to watch this film for sometime now and to some degree it doesn't disappoint. Sure its daft ,poorly acted and unintentionally funny at times ,and the editing can become irritable,but its fun,dumb and occasionally creatively gory.
Plus it stars Reggie Bannister,who's one of select few of actors to be associated with a long running horror franchise.So,what's not to like.

Less can be said for its sequels though,which are practically the original Phantasm on repeat but much,much worse.
*sigh*Bannister's uncomfortable pervy charisma can only go so far.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Director : J.A.Bayona
Year : 2018

The dumbest shit.

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On The Basis of Sex

This was actually really cute and enjoyable. It's really nicecore. Left me feeling the same way Old Man And the Gun did.

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I got about 15 minutes into Fallen Kingdom, for the record

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Demolition (Jean-Marc Vallée)

What a weird film. It's definitely an hard film to wrap your head around, but overall I think I liked it.

No wonder it flopped lol, but I'm surprised to see this has almost unanimously bad reviews. Definitely thought it'd be divisive at least. Gyllenhaal fans HAVE to see this, this may just be his greatest performance.

Classic solid Vallée editing-soundtrack, it's an head-scratcher, but even if you don't like it, it's worth at least a watch.

In an interview, JMV said that this was his best film (I don't agree, but FYI)

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I love that movie. I'm not sure if this says more about my personality or what I look for in movies, but it resonated with me emotionally; the need to destroy everything so you can build everything back up again. It is patchy and weird in places, but Gyllenhaal and Cooper are what kept the movie going for me.

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Saw The Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen double feature last night.

It was litty titty.

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