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MagnarTheGreat wrote:
November 15th, 2019, 12:58 pm
New York Times - Roger Stone Is Found Guilty [of All 7 Charges] in Trial That Revived Trump-Russia Saga
Mr. Stone, a longtime informal adviser to President Trump, obstructed one of Congress’s Russia investigations and lied to lawmakers.
Roger J. Stone Jr., a former aide and longtime friend of President Trump, was found guilty on Friday of obstructing a congressional investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election in what prosecutors said was an effort to protect Mr. Trump.
MagnarTheGreat wrote:
January 25th, 2019, 8:31 pm

Get Me Roger Stone (2017) - IMDb


Roger Stone goes back with Paul Manafort a long way as well as Trump.

Roger Stone has a Richard Nixon tattoo. He was Nixon's dirty trickster.

New York Times - Everyone Who’s Been Charged in Investigations Related to the 2016 Election
NBC News - All four Roger Stone prosecutors resign from case after DOJ backpedals on sentencing recommendation
Trump tweeted early Tuesday, calling the initial sentencing recommendation "disgraceful" and a "miscarriage of justice."

NBC News - Barr takes control of legal matters of interest to Trump, including Stone sentencing
Barr's intervention in Roger Stone's case wasn't the first time senior political appointees reached into a case involving an ex-Trump aide, officials say.
A person familiar with the matter has confirmed to NBC News that President Trump has now rescinded the nomination of the U.S. attorney, Jessie Liu, for a job as an undersecretary at the Treasury Department.

On Tuesday, all four line prosecutors withdrew from the case against Trump associate Roger Stone — and one quit the Justice Department altogether — after Barr and his top aides intervened to reverse a stiff sentencing recommendation of up to nine years in prison that the line prosecutors had filed with the court Monday.

But that wasn't the first time senior political appointees reached into a case involving a former Trump aide, officials told NBC News. Senior officials at the Justice Department also intervened last month to help change the government's sentencing recommendation for Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who pled guilty to lying to the FBI. While once the prosecutors in the case had recommended up to six months in jail for Flynn, their latest filing now says they believe probation would be appropriate.
The new filing came on the same day Jessie Liu, was removed from her job, to be replaced the next day by a former prosecutor selected by Barr. Liu had been overseeing the criminal investigation into McCabe, who was accused by the department’s inspector general of lying to investigators. McCabe has not been charged, despite calls by President Trump for him to go to prison.

The resignations and the unusual moves by Barr come as Trump has sought revenge against government officials who testified after being subpoenaed by congressional Democrats in their impeachment investigation. In the days since the Senate acquitted him, Trump fired his ambassador to the European Union, a political supporter the president nominated, and had other officials moved out of the White House.
NBC News - Roger Stone backlash: Democrats demand Barr's resignation, call for investigation, hearings

Trump: “I don’t think [the four prosecutors of the Roger Stone case] quit for moral reasons. I think they got caught in the act by me!” “What am I going to do, let a man [Roger Stone] go to jail for nine years when murderers aren’t going to jail!” (link)

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The Daily Beast - Trump Offered Assange Pardon if He Covered Up Russian Hack, WikiLeaks Founder’s Lawyer Claims

Wall Street Journal - GOP Congressman Sought Trump Deal on WikiLeaks, Russia (September 15, 2017)
California’s Dana Rohrabacher asks for pardon of Julian Assange in return for evidence Russia wasn’t source of hacked emails

Question (Special Counsel team): Did you have any discussions prior to January 20, 2017, regarding a potential pardon or other action to benefit Julian Assange? If yes, describe who you had the discussion(s) with, when, and the content of the discussion(s).

Trump: I do not recall having had any discussion during the campaign regarding a pardon or action to benefit Julian Assange.
The Mueller Report

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