IT: Chapter Two (2019)

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Just saw this. Overall, a bit uneven but you can't say they didn't went all out. It was as relentless as the first film and the film is structured much more like the book. It really was a great idea to split the book in two like they did. There's just so much material, so many characters, so much to tackle to ever put into one film and like I said, this is much more structured like the book and that's why the first film is so good, too. They balance each other out.

It's also pretty insane how much the adult counterparts looked so much like their younger ones. Sans Chastain and McAvoy but it's not jarring or anything. I did thought that Chastain's performance wasn't really close to Lillis interpretation of Beverly? Still a good performance though but I wondered if anybody else thought that too.

Great that Dolan was in this. Muschietti has a tight grip on the focus but I think they should've cut Bowers out or at least handle that arc much differently and they should've toned the comedy down a bit imo. Like I said, there's just so much material to tackle, they even left out Bills wife lol, given that this isn't as neatly structured as it perhaps could've been, it cracks under it's own weight.

It was a lot of fun

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