Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

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Allstar wrote:
August 15th, 2019, 9:54 pm
Bacon wrote:
August 15th, 2019, 9:24 pm
Also, because there were conflicting reports that I saw: QT does have a cameo in this.
Huh? Where?
In a recent interview in Russia he told the interviewer that it's his voice that goes "RICK DALTON IN....BOUNTY LAW" if they see the film in English.

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I saw this two days ago, in 35mm. I loved this so much. It's Tarantino at his most introspective, his most dreamy. Richardson's gorgeous work complements it so well. Might be some amongst his best work, which is quite saying something. The production design, costume designs, the use of music in the film... All makes for such a lively world, as if I was my parents age when '69 took place.

I just really loved the story. The way Tarantino told his fairytale version of '69 and what could've been. I also really liked how he, in a way, measured himself with the auteur directors from Hollywood back then, who changed the landscape and brought Hollywood to new heights. Putting Rick and Cliff at the centre of the story was a great way to bring the 'has beens' into this landscaping changing Hollywood, and how they would have to reinvent themselves. DiCaprio plays Rick so incredibly well. He's got the charisma down, his outbursts are highlights but so are his quieter moments. Pitt just oozes charisma all throughout, his character is troubled in different ways but not any less endearing.
Robbie as Tate was wonderful, positive, with a great infectious scene at her own movie screening. I loved how Tarantino
handled Tate in the film. Especially in terms of the story, how she never got into any violence and got her happy ending, it's so incredibly bittersweet
The way the Manson family was handled was all they deserved.
That scene had the entire theatre in stitches lol it was amazing
Qualley was one of the most promising newcomers, she had wonderful chemistry with Pitt. Dakota Fanning also still shows she owns the screen.

Overall it was just a very endearing, funny, bizarre, atmospheric film. Like I said, I really loved the story. Tarantino's commentary on that time period, the way he subverts history is tactful (yeah I know people disagree with the Bruce Lee scene but I agree with Tarantino) and respectful. Rick Dalton's other films/TV work was so much fun. Operazione Dyn-O-Mite and Bounty Law were probably the best.

Yeah there were some moments where we follow one of the characters perhaps a bit too long before cutting back to the others but the strength here was, that I never forgot the others. And that's when I know it's going just as intended and Tarantino played his cards right.

fwiw: I was well aware of Sharon Tate, Polanski, Manson/Family and the changing Hollywood landscape prior to seeing this film. My parents were basically my age now back then so even though I'm European I'm well aware of the cultural impact. But I do understand that people who are not so aware of it, for whatever reasons, could fail to understand the point of this film and how integral everything is to each other. Know what I mean?

Anyway, I thought this was a blast. Amongst Tarantino's best work, but for me his best is still Kill Bill. So far the most polarising thing he's done.

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Pardon my intrusion, just wanted to say I saw this last night and am very much enjoying your comments, Vader, Bacon and Allstar in particular. Great insight. :gonf:
This one felt quite different from other Tarantino movies, I experienced it like a slice-of-life more than anything else. Cliff's probably my favorite character, but Rick walking out with that flamethrower at the end is one of the funniest bit of cinema I saw in recent memory, me and my mates were in stitches. I do miss a more coherent/convoluted plot, but I kinda get what Tarantino was going for here. A solid 8/10 from me, though on the lower spectrum/midway of his filmography.

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y’all writing these long ass essays in one go, i can’t seem to be able to do that, i post my thoughts in short outbursts (which idk if they mean anything) lol.

Speaking of violence...
against the family being “too much” for some (not on NF but I saw some suggest that elsewhere), too gratuitious and distasteful. I don’t agree with that. But regardless of one’s individual thoughts, I actually think Tarantino kind of offers these characters a way out. This is his fantasy, things can be whataver, and revisionism mixes with and mirrors reality to a point it’s all blurry. So not everything is necessarily set in stone until it finally is. Even their “genius” second plan is somewhat thwarted by Flower Child “forgetting” her knife and then taking off with their getaway vehicle. This is a nod to Kasabian of course. But we see them just standing and staring at an empty street/entry to Cielo Dr for a brief moment, looking slightly confused and it almost seems like an invitation to just leave. However they turn around and proceed with their stupid plan. Those shits sealed their own fate.
I just can’t stop thinking of this movie (duh) and I only saw it once. Was thinking of possibly going tonight again, dunno how this will pan out, but I really want to see it again, if not more than once. Preferably in a crowded theater again, just to experience all the hysterics of everyone again

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The violence against the family members was exactly what it should've been.
I also thought it was kinda funny that it was
Maya Hawke who noped the fuck out of there, given that Uma's Beatrix has been rather ruthless in Kill Bill lololol

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Fuck, I'm seeing it tomorrow, but I already feel left out, seeing all this conversation going on...

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Allstar wrote:
August 15th, 2019, 8:47 pm
Rick was drunk as fuck and someone was shooting a gun off in his pool trying to murder him. Lmao.
This. Plus it was fun and hilarious. Nothing else.

Anyway watched it few hours ago. So much of the movie is almost nothing like what Tarantino has done before and it's all so wonderful. Robbie is stunning here, she is able to emote so much just with her body language.
So I'm loving how the movie is flowing and I get more excited when I see SIX MONTHS LATER. And by the time movie ends, I realize the third act made me feel absolutely nothing. This proved extremely disappointing. Final act is dramatically inert. Violence was stale(except the flame thrower of course). Compare it to the scene at the Ranch which is a filmaking master class in sustaining tension.
Tarantino is deliberately being dependent on audience having the knowledge of what actually happened that night. But Charles Manson is not world war 2 (in terms of impact). I was introduced to Tate and subsequently Manson when I was going thru Polanski's wiki page after watching Chinatown, which was more than a decade ago. I don't know how much of me being not an American impacted my experience.
Ruth's post few pages ago about the final act makes a lot of sense to me. But I just couldn't connect to it at all. For now. Will try to watch the movie again, and see how I feel then.

One of my friends just went for a screening in a big group and they have no clue about Manson Family and their deeds. All they care is that it's a Tarantino. They would be bummed big time lol.

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Tomorrow, in 35mm.

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So glad people are seeking out the 35mm screenings

Anybody here who's seen the 70mm print and the 35mm? Or have they only released this on film in 35mm?

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Nomis wrote:
August 17th, 2019, 7:00 am
So glad people are seeking out the 35mm screenings

Anybody here who's seen the 70mm print and the 35mm? Or have they only released this on film in 35mm?
Only 3 theaters in France, but it's a gift.

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